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Redwoods or Bust – First Entry

21 Responses to “Redwoods or Bust – First Entry”

  1. Wendy

    We are so interested and know you’ll make great memories. Can’t wait for the pictures and, of course, now the foodie adventure too!

  2. Huntley's

    Thank you for sharing. And thanks for doing this trip now with Nick. We loved Crater Lake and the redwoods.

  3. Judith Daniel

    Looking forward to traveling with you thru this new media. 😄

  4. Dody Baker

    Well Charles and Judy, I am sooo impressed!!you are lucky tho to have 12 year old Nick along to keep you ” wild
    Things” 0n the straight and narrow
    Path! Hoping this will give you all
    Some healing time as you soak in all of God’s beauty! Remember , God is Great, God is Good and
    God is Sovereign!! Praying for safe travels and a trip like none other! Can’t wait to see it through your camera lens!

    • cfgattis

      It helps. We are enjoying Our Nick but also thinking a lot about the neat little Brad we took to the Grand Canton only six years ago.

  5. julie patton

    Let me know how you enjoy that Pacific. It’s FREEZING and rocky! Us Gulf people are so spoiled!

  6. PeggyRose

    My family just did part of this adventure. Granted my kids are 27 and 24, but they still loved it. I know Nick will have such good memories of this time. Enjoy!

  7. Patricia Hair

    I hope your trip produces lots of good times and good memories. I am looking forward to “going along with you”.


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