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Redwoods or Bust – Fourth Entry

5 Responses to “Redwoods or Bust – Fourth Entry”

  1. Ruby Whatley

    What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing, Judy and Charles. Bill and I have been praying for healing and peace for all of your family. Have a safe journey home.

  2. Edwina Styes

    Your descriptions and pictures are amazing, I agree with others that it makes us feel like we are on the journey too. I’m especially thankful for your places of peace “thin places” and I know God through prevenient grace prepared these for you!

  3. Dody Baker

    Charles, I’m loving your very descriptive
    Blog and pictures from both you
    And Judy! It almost puts me in the
    Place you are very apt at describing .
    Thank God for some healing I suppose
    It is in God’s timing! I suppose He
    Let you get rid of all the BAD and
    Now He can start restoring the good!
    Y’all are certainly in Gods country-
    What an ideal place to regroup and
    Heal! Keep those blogs coming !

  4. Emily Saile

    I am so happy that you are finding peace and healing on this grand adventure. Enjoying reading each day’s writing and seeing the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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