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Redwoods or Bust – Fifth Entry

9 Responses to “Redwoods or Bust – Fifth Entry”

  1. Dody

    I have no words! About 50 years ago Ray and I took a month trip out west camping at as many Natl forest as possible. Never had we in our wildest imagination ever dreamed that we would camp among treasures as these! Thank God someone had the foresight to save some for us, Nick and Nicks great great great grandchildren!
    Awesome words and pictures!

  2. dianalyndavidson

    Oh my goodness! I have never seen the redwoods and now it is on my list. But I wish I could have someone like Nick to accompany me – there is nothing like experiencing something with someone who deeply appreciates it. Wonderful photos. Thanks for letting me hitch along on your trip 😎

    • cfgattis

      If you go soon, we might be able to loan you this 12 year old. I think he would like to come back. I have thought several times that you would enjoy Trinidad and Pilot Rock Cottage as much as we have.

  3. Emily

    These are great shots, Charles and Judy. I love the one of Judy on the bridge. Some time in the ’30s, my daddy rode on the top of a train to from Illinois to Oregon to be a lumberjack. I hope he didn’t cut down theses majestic trees, but I’ll never know.

    • cfgattis

      I can’t imagine riding on the roof of a train out here–amazing some of the things our parents when through.

  4. Doris Shapiro

    I know your frustration at taking pictures of these trees. It is impossible to get anything that matches their majesty. The photos with Nick and Judy were a good idea to get some perspective. Glad you all are having a great trip.

  5. Judith Daniel

    Saw Sequoia National Park last year with the beautiful trees so know what you mean when you say magnificent. So glad you are making this trip. Be safe.


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