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Redwoods or Bust – Sixth Entry

5 Responses to “Redwoods or Bust – Sixth Entry”

  1. Marian

    Beautiful, Charles—-and thanks for the educational tidbits about redwoods. i had no idea! Hope your vertigo is gone! But the jet boat ride sounded like great fun!! What a grand adventure for you, Judy and Nick!

    • cfgattis

      Only had a tinge of vertigo during that daring do episodes on the boat ride. We have enjoyed the trip, but heading home today via Portland.

  2. Dody

    Charles, I believe that
    “Descriptive writing” runs through you veins and Jason and Judy! I see a book in your future, along with pictures! I don’t wish to ” clump” you with some of my favorite authors, Rick Bragg and
    Bill Bryson, but I believe you have a future in writing! Easy to read, very descriptive and lots of dry humor!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

  3. Emily Saile

    I am really enjoying your trip, Charles. Thanks for sharing it.


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