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Redwoods or Bust – Final Entry

11 Responses to “Redwoods or Bust – Final Entry”

  1. dianalyndavidson

    I think travel is one of the most important things we can give ourself because it enlarges our life, our experience, our understanding. How wonderful that you introduced Nick to the experience! I love these words (from an Expedia commercial of all things!):
    “It’s an important question you ask. But one, I think, with a simple answer. We have this need, you and I, from the time we are little, to peek over our neighbor’s fence. And once we do, we see there’s wonder waiting on the other side. Every step you take brings the world one step closer. You’ll narrow the influence of narrow minds. You’ll bridge continents. Puncture prejudice. And keep peace. You may not always know it at the time, but one day you will look back and see that you’ve made this world a better place. So, the question you asked me, what is the key?  It’s you.”

    Expedia “Train”

  2. Jo

    Your blog has been great!!! I have loved that you shared your experiences, and you did it beautifully. You have memories to cherish forever.

  3. jasongattis

    I’m so glad you all had a good time. I don’t remember a time I have seen Nick as excited as I’ve seen him the past few days.
    In your final paragraph I couldn’t help but think of your time with Brad at the Grand Canyon when he was that age. I’m guessing you thought of that trip a lot while on this trip. He sure did love his Mamak and Daddy Charles and the trip where he was allowed to say and ride, “jackass.”
    Safe travels home! We can’t wait to see you!

    • cfgattis

      Thinking about Brad every minute of this trip was the sweet/bitter part of it. He woke us up each morning and reminded us of his trip all along the way. Thank you and Amy for letting us have this time with them.

  4. lspalla1

    Thank you, Charles, for the very nice mention, and for your most enjoyable blogs. I highly commend you for focusing on the positive and allowing this time with Nick to be just about Nick. He will remember it forever. See you soon!

  5. Jill Gardner

    I love traveling with you! I have lots of place on my bucket list. You have added a few more. See you soon – back home.

  6. Emily

    I have so enjoyed your trip, your words and photos. The summary was wonderfully touching. And I agree, you will benefit from these memories for years to come. See ya back at the ranch. Travel safely.


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